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The book I plucked that night was The Idea of You by Robinne Lee, a 2017 romance that had been emphatically recommended by my friend Mackenzie Newcomb, the founder of the Bad B**** online book club. I tend to gauge book recommendations by the severity of someone's tone when they say: "You have to read it," and since her tone indicated the book was a cure-all just below penicillin, I had to have this one.



Mackenzie Newcomb, an avid reader, often shared her reading selections with friends and family on her blog and through social media. When she launched the Bad Bitch Book Club a year ago, she expected to draw in a few other people to talk about books with. In the first month, over 100 people joined.

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Can you imagine reading 8 books a month? I'm exhausted just reading that sentence. Well, such is the life of our friend Mackenzie Newcomb, founder of the #badbitchbookclub. Girl racks up pages like you wouldn't believe, so yeah, it's fair to say she's a serious authority on which titles you've simply got to read before the season's through.

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