S2 E6: Over-Hyped Books and Romances Made for Sobbing (A Midseason Q&A)

It's midway through the second season of Friends to Lovers, and you know what that means: It's Q&A time! In this episode, Mackenzie and Lily give romance recommendations for a number of listener questions, including the books that encapsulate them as romance readers, books that'll make you need to call your therapist, and more. Major episode timestamps: Introduction (0:00), Housekeeping (1:29), Introduction to Main Topic (2:43), Romances That Talk About Mental Health (3:53), Romances With Independent Women Who Don’t Change for a Man (8:22), Romances You Loved That Featured a Trope You Weren’t a Fan Of (13:48), Top Three Recommendations for Favorite Romance Trope (18:45), Romance Recommendations Similar to Over-Recommended Books (28:03), Romances That Left Us Sobbing (33:12), Three Romance Novels Perfectly Encapsulate Us as Romance Readers (38:54), Romances That Had No Business Being as Good as They Were (43:52), Other Romances We Haven’t Gotten to Talk About on the Podcast Yet (49:18), What Else We’re Reading (54:26), Conclusion (58:01). You can get full show notes and episode transcriptions on the Bad Bitch Book Club website: Give us a five-star rating wherever you get your podcasts, and say hi to us at @F2LPodcast on Twitter and Instagram. You can also join the private F2L Facebook group:

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Friends to Lovers is a Bad Bitch Book Club podcast hosted by BBBC founder Mackenzie Newcomb and writer, editor, and bestie Lily Herman. Each week, they use books as a jumping off point to talk about sex, relationships, dating, love, romance, and more. Podcast logo by MKW Creative Co. ( and music by Eliza Rose Vera (

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