S2 E10: The 7 Romances We're Reading This Spring

It's romance challenge time! In the final episode of season two, Mackenzie and Lily talk about Bad Bitch Book Club's 2nd Annual Spring Romance Challenge, which kicks off on April 15th. Enjoy all of the picks that book club members are reading seven weeks in a row from mid-April to the end of May, and join BBBC to learn more about the challenge and participate in these Zoom calls. Major episode timestamps: Introduction (0:00), Housekeeping (3:11), Introduction to Topic (4:26), Spring Romance Challenge Selections (13:32), Honorable Mentions (39:30), What Else We’re Reading (49:40), Conclusion (53:46). You can get full show notes and episode transcriptions on the Bad Bitch Book Club website: Give us a five-star rating wherever you get your podcasts, and say hi to us at @F2LPodcast on Twitter and Instagram. You can also join the private F2L Facebook group:

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