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Friends to Lovers is a Bad Bitch Book Club podcast hosted by BBBC founder Mackenzie Newcomb and writer, editor, and bestie Lily Herman. Each week, they use books as a jumping off point to talk about sex, relationships, dating, love, romance, and more.

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Mackenzie Newcomb is the founder of Bad Bitch Book Club. In a former life, she was a viral dating blogger. By day, she provides her influencer marketing expertise and content creation to an influencer relationship management company. By night, she meets up with BBBC members all around the country to discuss books. Her mission has always been to encourage people to read more books written by women, and through Bad Bitch Book Club, she's succeeding with that dream! 

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Lily Herman is a New York-based writer, editor, digital strategist, and romance novel fanatic. She serves as a political columnist for Teen Vogue and politics and entertainment correspondent for Shondaland. She recently finished up a two-and-a-half-year stint as a contributing editor for Refinery29 and has bylines on Glamour, TIME, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, and more.

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